LCU 101

LCU 301

Each of the sections below is required. Watch the video or review the document in each section.  Once you have completed all of the required sections, please fill out this LCU Completion Survey to earn your Learning Coach University Bachelor’s Degree. 


Updates, News and Changes for 2020-21 School Year

Watch Video HERE



Learning Coach Preparedness Questionnaire

Learning Coach Preparedness Questionnaire:  pdf  HERE or google doc HERE

High School Counselor Message


(required for all LC’s with an HS student): 

New video coming soon!


Student Handbook Review

Please read over the student handbook to have a clear understanding of the policies and expectations of our UTVA students. You will mark that you understand and agree to these expectations on the LCU completion survey. 

K5 Handbook HERE

MS Handbook HERE

HS Handbook HERE

Navigating the Online School Platform

K-5: LC and Student Account Video Here

K-5 Marking Lessons Complete: One Minute How-to Video Here

Middle and High School (MS & HS) Accounts: Video Here

MS and HS Learning Coach Account Tips: Video Here

Beginning of year diagnostics and other testing

All students, Kindergarten through 12th grade will be doing a diagnostic test called NWEA within the first two weeks of school. These tests will be done in live classes and are proctored by staff members. Please be sure your student does this test without any help from home. The tests are adaptive, meaning that they increase in difficulty as your student goes to find out what they know on that subject. These tests are so important in helping us be sure your students have the right classes and supports for a successful and enjoyable year. More information will be sent to you on the dates of testing soon.


Optional UTVA Family Directory

OPTIONAL – Reach out to other UTVA families to make connections and add your Learning Coach information to our directory here

UTVA Family Directory Opt-in Form

UTVA Family Directory

Interview with a UTVA Family (Optional)

In this video, we talk with two learning coaches about what UTVA is like for the family, tips and tricks, what to expect, successes they’ve seen and more. Get a feel for what to expect and what this looks like in a real UTVA home.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where is the best place for me to turn for answers to my questions?
    • Homeroom teachers Mentors: Kindergarten and 1st grade will have homeroom teachers. All other grades will have a mentor. They will be your first point of contact. If it is a question regarding a specific class or assignment, the teacher of that course will be the best person to contact
    • K12 Help Website: HERE This website has tons of videos, quick reference guides and other helps. You can search by topic, type in your question and you will often find an answer here. This also has the link for tech support if you are unable to find a solution here
  • How can I (the LC) be more involved at UTVA? Join our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)! If you are interested in being a part of our PAC, please email Cami Jo Wilde at: cawilde@utahvirtual.org and we will get you more information.
  • How do I join a K12 Club? Click HERE for the K12 clubs website
  • What is a Parent Party? Parent Parties are outings that will be offered throughout the state during the school year. This is for Learning Coaches, students and their families and provides an opportunity for LC’s to connect to one another, receive help and training, meet staff that live near them and also allows students to connect to one another
  • Does UTVA Participate in the Box Tops for Education Program: Yes! The easiest way to participate is by downloading the box top for education app and scanning receipts and items with your mobile device. You can also collect physical box tops and mail them to the office but we prefer the app. https://www.boxtops4education.com/
  • For my high school student: Why have zero’s been entered for a few assignments that are not due yet right before the end of the term? Some teachers practice this a few weeks before the end of the block (and always announce that they will be doing this) so that the grade can only go up from there. It helps students to know exactly how many points they need to reach the grade they are trying to achieve
  • How do I support multiple UTVA students in my home? LC of Multiple Students QRG
  • How do I motivate a resistant student? Motivating A Resistant Student
  • How do I set up parental controls/blocks on our computer? Setting up Parental Controls/Blocks
  • How can I learn very basic computer skills to be able to support my student? click HERE for a resource to help with learning computer user basics.