Counseling Calendar of Events

-First Day of School for Students August 18

-’What is a School Counselor’ Presentation? September 13

-Advisory Meeting September 29

-12th Grade CCRs Starting October 4

-Utah College Application Week October 11-15

-Last day of Block 1 October 19

-Cone Site Meeting October 20

-First day of Block 2 October 25

-Exploring the World of Work Presentation November 1

-Advisory Meeting December 1

-Cone Site Meeting December 15

-11th Grade CCRs Starting January 3

-Last day of Block 2/Semester 1 January 7

-First day of Block 3/Semester 2 January 11

-Cone Site Meeting February 2

-10th Grade CCRs Starting February 7

-Career Day February 11

-Registration for Next Year’s Classes March

-Mental/Physical Self Care Presentation March 7

-Advisory Meeting March 9

-Cone Site Meeting March 9

-Last day of Block 3 March 17

-First day of Block 4 March 21

-9th Grade CCRs Starting April 11

-Advisory Meeting May 11

-Last Day of School for Students May 26

-Graduation TBD

UTVA Academic Calendar 2021-22

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