Welcome to Utah Virtual Academy’s
SOEP Program

Utah Virtual Academy, A College and Career Academy
UTVA is a charter school and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Utah State Board of Education. 

The Statewide Online Education Program established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session allows
students to enroll in free online classes on a part-time basis. You may take up to six online courses (6.0 total credits)
during the 2021/22 school year from UTVA.



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Complete a K12 Application HERE (USE GOOGLE CHROME, and BE SURE to select “Part Time School”) 


Register for FREE classes, through SEATS: HERE  (Be sure to select the correct school: “Utah Virtual Academy”)

    • How to set up or reset password HERE
    • How to Register for classes HERE

Deadlines and Master Schedule

1st Block: August 25th
2nd Block: November 1st
3rd Block January 18th
4th Block March 28th

Download PDF Master Schedule HERE

Master Schedule 1

SOEP Courses Offered Download Course Catalog HERE

About our SOEP Part Time Program

Active Participation: Our goal at UTVA is to see all students succeed. We report to the Utah State Office of Education whether or not a student is actively participating at UTVA. We have found that procrastination is never a good thing. We are implementing the following guideline for “active participation” in our Utah Virtual Academy SOEP (Part-Time) program to help motivate students to stay current with their classes. It is required that everyone currently taking an online class with us to agree with this policy to enroll.
TRADITIONAL COURSES (Teacher-lead, live classes):
These courses teacher-lead traditional courses. Students will work at the same pace as a class. All assignments are due each week Sunday at midnight. To be considered active; students will be expected to login to their online school system (OLS) and participate in the following each week:

  • At least two Academic Activities by midnight Sunday each week in each course.
  • Turning in an assignment within the online course
  • Taking a quiz, test, or other assessment within the online course
  • At least two Class Connect Recordings and submission of class attendance in each course.
  • Teachers live-class sessions are recorded and can be viewed at any time.
  • After 20-days, students must achieve and maintain a minimum of 60% to be considered active

Should a student find they are unable to take part in a given week’s activities they must let their advisor know via email prior to any assignment deadline. Makeup work is accepted at the discretion of the instructor with a late penalty. Students should plan accordingly and make sure to read the schedule of deadlines listed in the course calendar.
FAST TRACK COURSES (Computer-based, no live classes):

  • Fast track courses are intended for advanced students.
  • Courses are semester courses taught in a quarter-length of time.
  • Courses have no LIVE instruction or recordings and they are computer-based with the ability to ask questions to the teachers
  • Students can finish their Fast Track courses as quickly as they would like, but must be done by the end of each block/quarter.
  • Courses are set to 0% or a letter F grade from the start. Students will work toward a passing grade or higher.
  • After 20-days, students must achieve and maintain a minimum of 60% to be considered active

RIGOROUS CURRICULUM: UTVA uses the rigorous K12 college prep curriculum. Our courses are fully accredited and aligned with the Utah Core Education requirements.
BLOCK OR SEMESTER-LENGTH CLASSES: Block-length classes are taught as a 9-week course and semester-length classes are taught in a standard 18 weeks course. Both semester and block classes will be worth 0.5 credits. We do not issue 0.25 credits.

  • Traditional courses in English, Math, Science, AP Courses, and foreign language classes are taught as semester classes.
  • Traditional history and all elective classes are taught in block format.
  • All Fast Track classes are taught in block format.

STATE REQUIREMENTS: Click on the link to see the Utah State Office of Education graduation requirements:
HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT: The grades you receive for your classes count toward high school graduation and an official transcript will be sent to your school to be added to your high school transcript no later than 30 days after the class has ended. An official copy will also be sent to your home address.
EVENTS & CLUBS: Our SOEP students are welcome to participate in both the in-person and virtual events and clubs offered to our full-time students.
MORE INFO: For more information about the Statewide Online Education Program:

FAQ's for SOEP
Click HERE to learn more about our CTE program.
Strong Start
Strong Start is the training process for all new students and families. As a part time student, you are required to complete the following LYNX to Success so we can assure that you are ready to start classes at UTVA!

Part Time LYNX to Success:

  1. Log into your student and learning coach accounts:
    1. How to set up your accounts: HERE
    2. Where to set up account/log in: HERE
  2. Schedule a call with an adviser:Emily Knight: 385-448-1068
    Abby House: 801-698-5971
  3. Optional: Complete Learning Coach University (LCU):
    1. This is a training for learning coaches to make sure you know what your role and responsibilities are.
    2. As a learning coach to a part time student, you are not required to log attendance for you student, so you can skip that part of LCU.
    3. Link to LCU: HERE


  • Account Navigation
  • Family Resource Center
  • Computer Requirements
    • Blackboard Collaborate (BBC): HERE
    • Adobe Flash Player: HERE
      • Enable Flash in Firefox: HERE
      • Enable Flash in Chrome: HERE
  • Technical Support
    • Videos: HERE
    • K12 Tech Support: 866-512-2273
Contact Information

Brooke Crosgrove
SOEP Enrollment

Abby House – (Last Name A-I)
SOEP Advisor – Can help with submitting applications, selecting courses, helping with the online portal, general questions
801-698-5971 (preferred communication)

Emily Knight – (Last Name J-S)
Counselor Tech (preferred communication)

Kelcee Allen – (Last Name T-Z)
Counselor Tech (preferred communication)

Robin Elmy
SOEP Coordinator – Completes enrollment and Funding Paperwork (preferred communication)
801-262-4922 ext 7110

Desi Wright
SOEP Administrator
801-262-4922 ext 3340

Kimberly Howard
Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information
Cory Kanth
Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information