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SOEP Program

Utah Virtual Academy, A College and Career Academy
UTVA is a charter school and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Utah State Board of Education. 

The Statewide Online Education Program established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session allows
students to enroll in free online classes on a part-time basis. You may take up to 6.0 total credits during the 2024/2025 school year from UTVA.


All 4 items must be completed before you are fully registered for UTVA’s SOEP Program


Available Courses Summer 2024-2025 School Year: Here

Available Courses 2024-2025 School Year: Here

**For Available Middle School Courses Click: Here 

Item #2: Fill out Transcript Tracker and Participation Policy Agreement:  

Transcript Tracker: CLICK HERE    


Complete a K12 Application HERE (USE GOOGLE CHROME, and BE SURE to select “Part Time School”) 


Register for FREE classes, through SEATS: HERE
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  • How to register for a SEATS Account:  HERE
  • How to register for a class on SEATS HERE 

SCHOOL YEAR 2024/25:

Start Date Summer Block: June 3rd

Enrollment Deadline Summer Block: Friday, May 31st @ Noon 12:00 PM


Start Date Block 1: August 14th

Enrollment Deadline Block 1: Friday, August 23rd @ Noon 12:00 PM


Start Date Block 2: October 21st

Enrollment Deadline Block 2: Friday, October 25th @ Noon 12:00 PM


Start Date Block 3: January 13th

Enrollment Deadline Block 3: Friday, January 17th @ Noon 12:00 PM


Start Date Block 4: March 18th

Enrollment Deadline Block 4: Friday, March 21st @ Noon 12:00PM

Link to master schedule here

SOEP Courses Offered
About our SOEP Part Time Program

 Utah Virtual Academy 

Standard of Active Participation and 

Student Handbook 

School Year 24-25

Welcome students, we are happy that you have chosen Utah Virtual Academy to be a part of your learning journey! 

Standard of Active Participation:

Active Participation: Our goal at UTVA is to see all students succeed. We are committed to providing quality online education for each student. Active and consistent student participation in coursework proves to be an integral part in students passing rates and success. We report to the Utah State Office of Education about student’s participation here at UTVA.

We are implementing the following guideline for “active participation” in our Utah Virtual Academy SOEP (Part-Time) program. It is required that every student currently taking an online class with us agree with this policy to enroll.

Inattentiveness to schoolwork may lead to a student’s failure to earn credits required for graduation and possibly withdrawn from the course due to lack of active participation.  Throughout the course, students will need to fulfill the requirements for each tier.

Tier 1 (Initial Activity: 10-Day Active Participation): Students are required to log into each course within a week of the class starting and actively participate by submitting work within the first 10 days of the course commencing. It’s important to note that students are granted a 20-school-day trial period for each course. Official confirmation of active participation will be issued after students demonstrate minimum engagement in Tier 2.

Tier 2 (Minimum Participation: 20-day Probation): While the online learning environment offers flexibility in participation, students are expected to log in at least once every 10 days to remain enrolled in the course and adhere to the course pacing guide. UTVA personnel, including mentors and teachers, will assess each student’s progress in every course. If students fail to meet these guidelines one week before each deadline, the SOEP coordinator will send an email to the student, parent, and high school counselor indicating a pending withdrawal due to non-compliance with Tier 1 and 2 requirements. Students will have a brief window to fulfill these requirements to maintain enrollment. It’s crucial for students to communicate directly with their teachers once they’ve caught up to prevent accidental withdrawal.

Extended Absence: If you have a situation that will prevent you from signing into your course for 10 consecutive school days, you must notify the school at least one school day in advance that you will have an extended absence and when you expect to return to active participation in the class.  This will let the school know that you are not abandoning your course and prevent you being contacted for an explanation of the absence, and possible administrative withdrawal due to lack of participation. Additionally, you must agree to make up coursework for school days missed for the scheduled absence.  

Teacher Contact:  You can expect regular contact with your teacher at Utah Virtual Academy, this means your teacher will be reaching out in some way every school day!  This may come in the form of the teacher leading a discussion thread, class announcements, feedback on assignments, etc.  If you need to contact your teacher, please use the in-box function in your OLS.  This is where the teacher is expecting to find student questions.

Withdrawal from a course: There are a few types of withdrawal from Utah Virtual Academy.

  •  Student Withdrawal: If a student decides they do not want to remain enrolled in a course during the first 20 school days that they have access to course materials, then the student may withdraw from the course for any reason. Please notify your mentor or the SOEP Coordinator rather than abandoning the course.
  •  Administrative Withdrawal: If a student does not maintain minimum activity in enrolled course(s) the student may be Administratively Withdrawn.  This decision is based on lack of participation by not maintaining the minimum log-in amounts, or not completing enough coursework to be able to earn the credit.
  • Disciplinary Withdrawal: If a student violates the school’s behavior plan, as outlined in the student handbook, then the student may be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.

Course Reactivation: Utah Virtual Academy is invested in your success.  You may reactivate your participation in a course that is in a withdrawn status by contacting your mentor or the SOEP Coordinator.  We can determine how much of the course you have completed and help you make a plan for successful completion. 

NOTE: Any coursework not completed before June 30th of the current school year will not automatically roll to the new school year.  Please contact your mentor or the SOEP Coordinator to discuss options if you feel you may not be able to complete the course by that date.  You may need to re-enroll in the course to continue into the next school year.

Travel Expectations: Utah Virtual Academy participates in all required statewide testing.  For our 9th and 10th grade private school students this means the Utah Aspire Plus grade level assessment.  And for all students (private, home, and public) in any grade level that is enrolled in a RISE tested course this means the RISE content assessments.  These tests currently must be proctored in-person, so please be aware that travel to a physical location will be required to participate in those assessments.  (*This does not affect ALL public school students)

Grading Policy: 

A: 93-100

A-: 90-92

B+: 87-89

B: 83-86

B-: 80-82

C+: 77-79

C: 73-76

C-: 70-72

D+: 67:69

D: 63-66

D-: 60-62


20 DAY DROP Calendar Courses Dropped By/On
Summer June 28, 2024
Block 1 Sep. 11, 2024
Block 2 Nov. 15, 2024
Block 3 Feb. 10, 2025
Block 4 Apr. 14, 2025


BLOCK OR SEMESTER-LENGTH CLASSES: Block-length classes are taught as a 9-week course and semester-length classes are taught in a standard 18 weeks course.  

  • Traditional courses in English, Math, Science, AP Courses, and foreign language classes are taught as semester classes.
  • Traditional history and all elective classes are taught in block format. 
Block Start Date Work Due Date Block End Date
Summer: June 3, 2024 July 21 2024 or TBD by teacher July 26, 2024
Block 1: Aug. 14, 2024 Oct. 13 2024 or TBD by teacher Oct.15, 2024
Block 2: Oct. 21, 2024 Jan. 5, 2025 or TBD by teacher Jan. 9, 2025
Block 3: Jan. 13, 2025 Mar. 9, 2025 or TBD by teacher Mar. 14, 2025
Block 4: Mar. 18, 2025 May 18, 2025 or TBD by teacher ** May 23, 2025

**Seniors and early graduates must be finished with all course work by May 1st. Allow two weeks for official transcripts to be mailed to your local high school for graduation.

Student Handbook:

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: Students are expected to comply with school standards of classroom behavior. If there is misconduct in the classroom, through work submitted, email communication or student interaction, the SOEP student’s Learning Coach/Legal Guardian will be notified as well as the school counselor.  If the behavior continues the student will be at risk for administrative withdrawal according to school policies.

SENIORS AND EARLY GRADUATES: For graduating seniors and early graduates, we advise that courses needed for graduation be taken during Semester 1, Block 1, Block 2, Semester 2 or Block 3.  For courses taken during Semester 2, work will need to be completed by May 1. This early end date ensures that transcripts can be processed and sent to the school of record. 

STATE REQUIREMENTS: Click on the link to see the Utah State Office of Education graduation requirements:

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT: The grades you receive for your classes count toward high school graduation and an official transcript will be sent to your school to be added to your high school transcript no later than 30 days after the class has ended. An official copy will also be sent to your home address. Parent’s and students are responsible for consulting with their own local counselor to ensure that they have fulfilled their own student’s High School graduation requirements. Homeschool Students are to submit a Homeschool Affidavit, Birth Certificate, and Proof of Residency before any classes are accepted. UTVA does not advise on what classes a student needs for graduation. 

COMPUTERS: UTVA’s SOEP program does NOT supply computers.  Each family is responsible to have a reliable computer and internet source for their student.  If the internet or computer are not working, student’s are responsible to find a temporary way of doing their school work. 

DIPLOMA’S: UTVA SOEP provides courses but does NOT issue diplomas.  An official transcript will be mailed to the student’s local High School.  Students earn their diplomas from their local high school or another means of completion. Parents and students are responsible for consulting with their own local counselor to ensure that they have fulfilled their own student’s High School graduation requirements.

AP TESTING: UTVA SOEP does NOT schedule AP testing.  If taking an AP course from UTVA students are responsible for scheduling testing through their local high school counselor.

DRIVER’S EDUCATION: Students must have their learning permit to take Driver’s Education.

EVENTS & CLUBS: Our SOEP students are welcome to participate in both the in-person and virtual events and clubs offered to our full-time students.

MORE INFO: For more information about the Statewide Online Education Program:


If your student has any IEP or 504 accommodations, please work with your primary school of enrollment to ensure that they forward any IEP or 504 accommodations to Utah Virtual Academy.

Your student’s file and case will be kept at your student’s full-time brick and mortar school (school of record). If your student is on a homeschool affidavit, you will need to contact your local school district office for services. 

Utah Virtual Academy encourages you to contact your student’s Special Education representative and advise them of the classes your student intends on taking with us. Your student’s representative can help to ensure that the classes requested will suit your student’s needs. 

Please have your student’s school of record send accommodation files to this email:


Contact Information

Brooke Crosgrove

SOEP Enrollment



Kelcee Allen – (Last Name A-J)

SOEP Advisor 



Emily Knight – (Last Name K-Z)

SOEP Advisor 



Robin Elmy

SOEP Coordinator – Completes enrollment and Funding Paperwork (preferred communication)

801-262-4922 ext 7110


Kimberly Howard

Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information



Cory Kanth

Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information



Click HERE to learn more about our CTE program.

Strong Start


  1. Schedule a welcome call with your mentor

Last Name starts with A-J
Kelcee Allen

Last Name starts with K-Z

Emily Knight


Setting up your Student and Parent Accounts

  1. Create your Learning Coach & Student OLS account (this is where your student will access their class(es).
  2. Go to the K12 website
  3. Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page
  4. Enter your registration id (K12 emailed this id # to you, you can also contact your mentor for it.
  5. Create a username and password for you as the LC- learning coach first (make it simple and write it down)
  6. Next select your student’s name, and create a username and password for them (make it simple and write it down)
    1. Log into your OLS account: and get started!
    2. On the left hand side of your home screen select “CLASSES”
    3. Click into the class you want to work on
    4. CONTENT TAB: is where you will access the material for your course (syllabus, assignments, quizzes, class connect recordings, tests, etc)
    5. PLAN TAB: is where you can view due dates for all assignments, quizzes, and tests (I like to select the month view)
    6. GRADE TAB: is where you can view everything due for your course (anything zeroed out is overdue)
    7. CLASS HOME TAB: quick view of calendar, current grade, teacher info, and class announcements 
    8. Check out our UTVA Student/Parent Help Guide for help navigating your courses,  How To’s, FAQ’s, important dates, and contact information.
      Contact Information

      Brooke Crosgrove

      SOEP Enrollment


      Kelcee Allen – (Last Name A-J)

      SOEP Advisor (preferred communication)


      Emily Knight – (Last Name K-Z)

      SOEP Advisor (preferred communication)


      Robin Elmy

      SOEP Coordinator – Completes enrollment and Funding Paperwork (preferred communication)

      801-262-4922 ext 7110

      Kimberly Howard

      Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information


      Cory Kanth

      Statewide Online Education Program Specialist – Can help with SEATS information