Family-School Learning

SY22-23 Utah Virtual Academy

Family-School Learning Compact

Utah Virtual Academy distributes to all parents as a Schoolwide Title I school, a school-parent compact. The compact, which has been jointly developed with parents, outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. It describes specific ways the school and families will partner to help children achieve the State’s high academic standards. It addresses the following legally required items, as well as other items suggested by parents.

  • The school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction.
  • The ways parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning.
  • The importance of ongoing communication between parents and teachers through, at a minimum, annual parent-teacher conferences; frequent reports on student progress; access to staff; opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their child’s class; and opportunities to observe classroom activities.


UTVA engages parents in meaningful interactions with the school. It supports a partnership among staff, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement. To help reach these goals, the school has established the following practices. 

  • The school provides parents with assistance in understanding the State’s academic content standards, assessments, and how to monitor and improve the achievement of their children.
    • Posting state school report card
    • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting every third Wednesday at 5:00 pm in Zoom.
    • Provide opportunities and guidance for parents to assist in their student’s coursework in meaningful ways and to observe teacher led classroom activities.
    • Learning Coach Training provided to all Learning Coaches/parents.
  • The school provides parents with materials and training to help them work with their children to improve their children’s achievement. 
    •  Parent School Compact.
    •  Parent and Family Engagement Policy.
    •  Strong Start tiered support program for all new families.
    •  Regular School Newsletters/Communication (ES weekly, MS/HS monthly).
    •  Learning Coach Training provided to all Learning Coaches/parents.
  • With the assistance of parents, the school educates staff members about the value of parent contributions, and how to work with parents as equal partners. 
    • Educate staff to provide parents with information about the total school program.
    • Educate staff to provide avenues for positive and meaningful parent involvement.
    • Communicate regularly with students and their families through conferences, notes, phone calls, texts, and emails.
  • The school coordinates and integrates the Parent and Family Engagement Plan with other programs to encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children and provides support for parental involvement activities requested by parents. 
    • Regular school newsletters
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • PAC participation
    • Parent support assemblies
    • Provides a variety of opportunities for parents to volunteer in school events.
    • Provides parents opportunities to observe classroom activities, in the virtual setting.
  • UTVA provides opportunities for the participation of all parents, including parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory students. Information and school reports are provided in a format and language that parents understand. An interpreter service is available for communication via phone call, virtual meetings, etc.


I want my child to achieve therefore I will:

  • make certain my child daily logs into the Online School and attends live classes with teachers.
  • make certain my child has a regular school schedule and support in following that schedule.
  • make certain my child is well-rested and ready for school each day.
  • set aside a specific time and place for schoolwork, assisting as necessary.
  • communicate regularly with my child’s teachers and mentors, including responding to phone, text, and/or email messages, to ensure his/her academic success.
  • read the communications provided from the school via i.e.: newsletters, school administration, emails, etc.
  • actively participate in surveys and family feedback forums to provide an active communication connection between our family and the school team.
  • read with my child and let him /her see me read regularly.
  • encourage positive attitudes toward school.
  • volunteer in my child’s school as appropriate.
  • review information and teacher feedback that is sent and respond as necessary.


It is important that I learn, therefore I will:

  • log into the Online School and attend live classes with teachers on time.
  • complete assignments and participate in live classes when required. 
  • work to the best of my ability.
  • work cooperatively with classmates, teachers, and staff.
  • respect myself, other people, and my school.
  • follow all school rules.
  • accept responsibility for my own actions.
  • reach out for help from my teachers and mentor when I need it.