Attendance & School Absence


Attendance at UTVA


UTVA is on an online public charter school with a set school schedule. The school year consists of 180 school days starting in August and ending in June. Students are required to log in and be in school unless indicated as a holiday or break by the school district. Please refer to our SCHOOL CALENDAR for approved holidays and breaks.

Students at UTVA need to log in into school every school day using their student user name and password. If a student does not log in, the day is recorded as an unexcused absence.

***UTVA has made a change to our attendance policy. Learning Coaches no longer need to log attendance daily. We will be able to see that your student is doing school by them logging in daily, attending live classes, accessing their courses, completing lessons, assignments and exit tickets and communicating with teachers. You should continue to supplement their education with other educational activities (physical activity, music lessons, reading, and offline work) but you will no longer have to report the time spent on these activities.

Attendance Requirements

  • 5.5 hours per day (2nd -12th)
  • 4.5 hours per day (1st grade)
  • 2.5 hours per day (Kindergarten)
  • 27.5 hours per week
  • 990 hours per school year

4 Ls of Attendance


  •  Log into school account (student)
  •  Log into live classes (student)
  •  Log into courses (student)
  •  LC log in and check student grades and progress regularly (learning coach)
Attendance for School and Class

At UTVA it is required that on every school day students log into k12 student account and come to live classes conducted by live certified teachers. Attending live classes is mandatory in UTVA. There are some exceptions when a student has a medical condition or other circumstances that don’t allow live class attendance. In these cases, a student needs to be formally approved for async track by each course teacher or by an administrator to allow a student to watch recordings. Students still need to log into school every school day, even while on async track.

In UTVA we track 2 types of attendance:

1) attendance to school for the day
2) attendance to live classes

For a student to be counted as attending school for the day, the student needs to log into their student school account, which means they need to go to, click OLS log in, and log in with student user name and password. The hours to be spent on school are listed above and can include working on online lessons, quizzes, assignments, time spent in class connect classes, zoom classes, time student spends doing offline work, also working on other external websites required for school like i-ready, reflex math and so forth. To be counted present in class, a student needs to come to live class connects or zoom classes and complete exit tickets or whatever the teachers asks to show student was present. Attending classes is part of the grade and students earn points towards their grade. In some courses, attending a class can be as high as 80% of the grade, because in that class students complete school work or demonstrate mastery of a certain concept while in class.

No live classes in class schedule - school is still in session

If your student has no live zoom classes or no class connects on a school day, he/she is still required to log into school on as a student and work on lessons and assignments. “No live classes” doesn’t mean “no school”. Students need to attend school by logging in into every school day that is listed on our school calendar. If there is no live class, they need to work on assignments and lessons or catch up on past school work in their school account.

“Absent from school” or “absent from class” Notifications

We send notifications to parents if any of the 2 components of attending school is missing: log in into or coming to live classes in zoom or class connects.

If a student doesn’t log in into on a school day, the parent will get text, email, and/or call on the following school day. This means the student didn’t log in into on the previous school day. The notification would say, “your student missed school or was absent from school on such and such date”.

If a student misses a required zoom class, or class connect or didn’t participate like teacher asked, for example didn’t complete exit ticket to show he/she was present, the parent will get a notification in the afternoon on the same day the class was missed. The notification would say, “We missed your student in class today, or your student was absent in class today”.

Please make sure your student does both things every school day: 1) log into school account on as a student; 2) come to the required zoom classes that are on his/her schedule and complete exit tickets or whatever the teacher asks to do to be marked present in class.

Errors in “Missed Class” notifications

If you notice an error in a “missed class” notification that you get, for example your child’s grade or something else is not correct, please write down the day you got this message. Let your mentor know via email. We will find an error and fix it. We already fixed a lot of errors that happened in the past, so if it is a past issue, you don’t need to worry about it. Going forward, please write down a date and what was the error and email your mentor. If you don’t have a date and specifics, we can’t fix it. We need to know specifics.

If you think your child was in zoom class or class connect, but you got a message he/she missed class, then please let your course teacher know via email. They are the ones marking class attendance and can help you: maybe your child didn’t do exit ticket, or something else happened, so you can fix it with your course teacher.

Learning Coach and Attendance

The Learning Coach needs to make sure student comes to school and attends classes every school day

LC Responsibilities:

  • Make sure student comes to school every school day on time by logging into school on and using student user name and password.
  • FYI: Student logging into school from the Learning Coach account doesn’t count as attending school.
  • Make sure student comes to live classes on time as scheduled in their class schedule.
  • Monitor student progress and grades daily and make sure student is on track and making daily progress, reach out to mentors, teachers, counselor as needed.
  • Review student’s lessons and assignments and help your student as needed, but not complete lessons or assignments for them.
  • Prepare materials if needed especially if your student is in younger students.
  • Monitor student’s school engagement (check if student logs in, comes to classes, completes required work daily).
  • Read and respond to emails or other communications from school.
  • Answer and respond to phone calls from school.
  • Learning Coach doesn’t need to enter attendance hours like was need in the past but needs to make sure student is spending the time needed for school every day (see daily hour requirements) by following school expectations for attendance and being on track.

What counts towards school hours:

  • Time spent in live classes or if missed a class watching the recordings
  • Time spent on online lessons and assignments
  • Time spent on offline lessons and assignments
  • Time completing required testing
  • Only after all the required school work is completed for the day and student is on track, you can count the time he or she spends doing other educational or extracurricular activities such as PE, sports, music lessons, reading, family field trips, etc.
Student Services Tier 3 Discipline Procedure
Tier 3 School Engagement Support




If a student has chronic absenteeism or truancy and is not communicating with teachers and staff, the student and parent are required to meet with an administer at the UTVA office or in a Zoom room if transportation is an issue, to discuss student’s class connect attendance, course grades, time spent in each online course, and barriers keeping the student from being fully engaged in school.

If a student is not attending class and there is no communication with the parent, a police well check is requested.

If a student has a social/ emotional or technology barrier keeping the student from being fully engaged in school and there is communication with the parent, a meeting in a Zoom room or a home visit is scheduled to provide support and training to insure the student can engage in school.

Attendance 101
Technical Issues
Attending online school gives you the freedom to log into school and complete school work from any computer with internet access. When parents enroll their students into UTVA they agree to provide a working computer and internet access.

Technical issues do not merit a valid excuse.  It is your responsibility to attend school and make arrangements to have internet access.  If you experience technical or internet difficulties, libraries, relatives, or family friends are good resources to use until your technical difficulties are resolved.

If you need additional support, contact your homeroom teacher or mentor or UTVA student services team.

Contact k12 tech support open 24/7 to get technical issues resolved: 866-K12-CARE (866-512-2273) or or Internet  Computer Resources.

Valid Excused Absences
  • Illness: more than 2 days require a doctor’s note (email to homeroom teacher)
  • Approved school activity (outings, school events, etc)
  • Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontic, Counseling Appointments (these are still encouraged to take place outside of school hours)
  • Family Vacation (as long as the vacation does not jeopardize the academic progress of the student. Please communicate with teacher prior to vacation)
  • Funeral of family member or close family friend
  • Otherwise excused by a healthcare or accomodation plan or IEP

Student is required to complete all missed work.

Parent Excused Absences
Parents can excuse up to 5 days in a quarter. The rest of the days students have to log into school. Missing more than 10% of school days (more than 5 days in a quarter) is considered being excessively absent and truant. We follow truancy process and even refer students and parents to truancy court if needed.

In high school the days during the finals (end of block, end of semester) cannot be excused. Assignments must be submitted by the deadlines set by the teachers.

Vacation Policy
  • UTVA is a public school. Students must attend at least 90% of the possible instructional hours for the school year AND must not miss school for ten (10) consecutive days.
  • If a family needs to plan a vacation, this vacation must not include more than 10% of the possible instructional hours and must not last more than ten (10) consecutive days.
  • Assignments due during a family-scheduled vacation must be completed prior to the vacation, and it is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her teachers prior to this absence.
  • There are no exceptions to this policy. Assignments that are completed late due to a family-scheduled vacation during school are subject to the late work policy.
  • Parents must fill out a vacation request form online at least a week ahead and have it approved by the administrator. If absence negatively affects student’s progress or student has excessive absences, the request can be denied.
Excessive Absences and Truancy
  • Students can have up to 5 excused or unexcused absences consecutive or not consecutive in each quarter or block which is about 10% of school days.
  • Students are considered excessively absent if no attendance is logged for 5 consecutive days.
  • If a student misses 10 consecutive days of school, the student must be withdrawn from UTVA for attendance policy.
  • If a student is withdrawn, the parent has to enroll their student into another school and let UTVA know the name of the school. If homeschooling -parent needs to sign a homeschooling affidavit at their home school district that they took full responsibility for educating their child and send us a copy to avoid a student being listed as a drop out in school records and having to go through truancy process.

If a student is withdrawn for attendance policy, and to avoid being listed as a drop out in school records and avoid the truancy process, the parent must enroll their student in another school and inform UTVA the name of the school that the student has transferred to. If a parent decides to home-school their student, they need to submit a homeschooling affidavit at their local school district, and inform UTVA  by emailing or texting the homeroom teacher or mentor.

Ideas for Improving Attendance

Attendance Works is a national and state initiative which promotes better policy and practice around school attendance, that promotes tracking chronic absence data for each student, and partners with families and community agencies to intervene when poor attendance is a problem for students or schools.  Click a link below: