Our January outing took place at an interactive aquarium located in northern, Utah. This interactive aquarium allowed our students to experience the sounds of the rain forest as they fed various birds. They discovered what it is like in the depths of the ocean as they fed sharks and touched stingrays. A few of the students who were feeling more adventurous took a turn dipping their toes into water which held fish that nibbled at their skin. Mrs. Q (UTVA’s awesome science teacher/wiz) asked questions that were geared toward the digestive system and some were geared toward carnivores and herbivores. Through answering these science questions, the students were given tokens with which they were able to enjoy all of these activities and more!

This educational outing helped our students to create meaningful relationships with each other. It helped them to grow a connection with UTVA and to develop our school pride. We are so lucky to have so many teachers who are willing to help create these meaningful life experiences for our students.

Cheers to many more outings at UTVA!

Mrs. Peterson