We love a good success story!  The following was submitted by one of our UTVA parents.  We are so happy that UTVA was such a positive solution for this student!


“When my son attended traditional brick and mortar school through the district, he was encouraged to remain enrolled in school and seek a certificate of completion instead of graduating on time with his peers. Although this was a nice thought because it allowed us to access additional services for longer, I was surprised by our experience and options that opened as a result of our decision to enroll him in Utah Virtual Academy. Through Utah Virtual Academy, he received wonderful care and services throughout his entire program. He joined the ambassador program available through UTVA and really began to feel like he belonged. Instead of being different and unique, he was accepted. He was able to qualify for the honor societies as well. Instead of just surviving school, he began to thrive in school. Everyone at UTVA made him feel important and cared for. His teachers, administration, friends, special education department, and service providers. It has been a wonderful experience and one I am so glad we tried. It is with mixed and overwhelming emotions that we are discussing graduation. Not only did he graduate on time and with his class, he is able to graduate early allowing him an opportunity to seek more opportunities for gainful employment. The team at UTVA has helped us navigate not only the high school environment, but has graciously and efficiently prepared us to transition to gainful employment. This is a dream come true for a mother!!! Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. I am so grateful your program exists. It has been life changing for us. Thank you!!!”