UTVA Transition and CTE students had the opportunity to tour the KSL TV and Radio studio on January 22nd.

We walked around and saw everyone busy at their cubicles- writing stores, editing stories, and on the phone planning ahead. We were able to watch Grant Waymen, Andrew Wittenburg, and Lori Prichard record LIVE news sessions- both from the news room – where the cameras are operated via remote control access and slide across the floor- and then we also followed them into their kitchen where we learned everything in the kitchen is REAL- working sink, oven, etc.- the only thing that’s not real-  FUN FACT- the cabinets are all facades! They were making Raspberry blondie bars and they smelled DELICIOUS! Too bad they didn’t need us to help sample them.

We went upstairs to see where all the radio magic happens- The station the Arrow 103.5 had quite the collection of signed guitars-and we went inside the studio while FM 100 was recording and were TIRED just watching Rebecca Cressman work- You may not know her name but I bet you’d recognize her voice! She is a BUSY lady- live voice work, editing sound bites, playing songs, recording commercials and announcing contests and winners- all in two minutes. She said the hardest part of her job is telling contest callers they were ONE away from winning! BUT……only about 5% of listeners actually call in- so you have a GOOD chance if you at least TRY.

Everyone at KSL was gracious and answered our questions and said we were welcome back anytime. Thanks to all the students who were able to join us and to the teachers and parents who came as chaperones!

-Natalie Niderhauser – CTE