A small group of UTVA’s High School students toured the WSU campus in Ogden on December 14th.

Students learned about Weber’s many offerings for their academics and programs.  Weber offers more than 225 programs, multiple campuses, online and personal attention and an average class size of less than 30 students.  For many local Utah students, Weber State University is an easy answer with lots of flexibility. They offer programs ranging from Engineering to Behavioral Science, have a list of pre-professional majors like- dentistry, chiropractic, and veterinary medicine. You can find all the majors listed here: www.weber.edu/majors

Weber State is also committed to the mental and social health of their students. They offer students 6 free counseling sessions each semester- and even have a room full of puppies to ease anxiety during finals week. Check it out @ www.weber.edu/admissions

UTVA student Jenafer Hood said, “I loved the Weber state tour. Our tour guides were great at explaining the way that the school works. I learned a lot about the University itself and Weber has some great programs to help their students achieve the career they want to achieve. One of the main things I loved is that they pride themselves on making sure the students are okay, weather it’s mental health or physical, they always check in with the students. Overall it’s a great option to consider when someone is looking for a University to go to.”

Thank you to Weber State University for providing such a positive experience for our UTVA students!