Some of UTVA’s female students attended SheTech on April 9th at the Sandy Expo Center.  SheTech is an event held to help promote science and technology (STEM) fields to girls.  This event gives girls the opportunity to see and talk to successful women working in the STEM fields.  It allows girls considering entering into these fields, hands on opportunity to see different career options.

There were 2,500 girls in attendance from around the State of Utah, which is a stark contrast to the 250 girls that attended the first SheTech conference just six years ago.

The event included motivational opening speakers, workshops, lunch, and an expo for girls to explore with industry and educational partners!  There was even some healthy competition events held for students.

UTVA’s CTE coordinator, Natalie Niederhauser said, “The event was impressive, as well as the turnout of students.  It was well organized, and a great experience for our female high school students to see the opportunities awaiting for them in these fields.”

**UTVA Teachers that attended: Tiffany Wiberg, Misti Bagley, and Natalie Niederhauser