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Strong Start is a required training process for new families.

This page will help you complete the required training’s and provide you with the information and resources you need to have a successful education here at UTVA.

To start, please read about what this process will look like for you and your student.

Strong Start Process
Strong Start begins when your student’s enrollment has been approved. You will first receive an email from the Strong Start Coordinator, which will link you to this page to download your school specific Prep Week Schedule and Checklist that is required to be completed during your students first week of school. Prep Week is designed to give you and your student training and information so they can start their classes off strong!
Elementary (K-5th)

Strong Start Week Checklist: HERE

New Student Trainings:


Getting to Know You survey:

Important New Student Tasks:

Middle School (6th-8th)
High School Students (9th-12th grades)
FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

  • New students accepted before the first day of school will receive their hardware/materials towards the end of July/beginning of August. Students that are accepted after the first day of school will have their hardware/materials shipped immediately and will receive them about 7-10 business days.
  • Link to check the shipping schedule: HERE
  • Link for computer/materials tracking after they have been shipped: HERE
  • Link for K12 computer recommendation: HERE
  • Getting Started without Materials: HERE


Computer Policy/Eligibility:

  • One laptop per three students per grade band (K-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th) in families that qualify for the USDA Free and Reduced Meals Program. Student who receive Special Education services are also eligible for a computer upon request.
  • How to check eligibility:
    • Click HERE and go through the information. If you are still unsure of your computer eligibility, please reach out to your student’s Mentor or sign up for a meeting with our Strong Start Coordinator at the top of this page.


  • If your student has an existing IEP/504 from their previous school, please reach out to your student’s Mentor to make sure we have received it.
  • If your student does not have and IEP/504, but you are interested in getting them one, please reach out to your student’s Mentor to start the process.


Registration ID:

  • When you are approved, you receive a Registration ID from K12 to your email. It is used to set up your Learning Coach and student accounts. Students do not have their own registration ID. It is usually one registration ID per Learning Coach. If you are not sure where to find your registration ID, check your email from If you cannot find the email, contact K12 Customer Care to retrieve. 866-512-2273





Platform Navigation – Getting Started:  

  • Overall – Click HERE
  • OLS (Online School) ( K-5)- Click HERE
  • OMS/OHS (Online Middle School and Online High School) ( 6-12th) – Click HERE
  • LC (Learning Coach) – Click HERE

Family Resource Center:  Click HERE Contact List: 

Tech Support Videos: Click HERE Computer/Technical Issue Process:

UTVA Terms

Utah Virtual AcademyUTVAA College & Career Academy and a Utah Public School
Learning CoachLCThey are the adult who is with the student during the day and our point of contact when we need to contact about the student. This is usually a parent/guardian, though it can sometimes be a family friend or extended family member.
Legal GuardianLGMost of the time is the same person as the LC, but not always.
Point of ContactPOCPerson to contact for specific information. The Mentor is you first POC for school needs that are not for specific class questions. For those, your teacher is your POC. The LC is the POC for the student.
MentorThe Point of Contact for families at the school. Reach out to your Mentor for any questions that are not class specific. Formerly referred to as Homeroom Teacher.
Head of SchoolHOSMeghan Meredith
Student Services TeamSSTComprised of the Student Services Administrator, Strong Start Coordinator, Family Engagement Coordinator, Truancy/Attendance Interventionist, School Social Worker, and the Communications Coordinator. This team works to helps students overcome non-academic barriers that may keep them from being successful in school.
Close of Business DayCOB5:00 PM
Beginning of Year/ End of YearBOY/EOYBOY- August
EOY- May
School YearSYEx. SY 1920, SY 2019-2020, etc.
Face-to-FaceF2FUsually means meeting in person for meetings, trainings, or outings/events. Can sometimes refer to meeting virtually using webcams.
Professional DevelopmentPDA variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. Our Faulty has monthly PD opportunities that are held virtually, regionally, or F2F at our office in Murray.
Online SchoolOLSThe platform that is used for K-5th grade students:

Online Middle and High SchoolOMHSAlso referred to as OMS/OHS. This is the platform that is used for 6th-12th grade students:
Learning Coach AccountLC AccountThis platform is used for LC to manage the student account, log attendance, etc. It is similar to the OMHS with a few differences:
High SchoolHS9th-12th Grade
Middle SchoolMS6th-8th Grade
Elementary SchoolESOften referred to as K5; K-5th Grade
State Education Online ProgramSOEPAlso referred to as our Part Time Program:

Career & Technical EducationCTE

Concurrent EnrollmentCEGet college credits while in High School:

Learning Coach UniversityLCURequired training for LCs to complete each school year:

Strong StartSSProcess of required trainings for new students and Learning Coaches when they are enrolled.
National Junior Honor Society/National Honor SocietyNJHS/NHS
ContentA place in each course where the lessons and assignments are listed. It has a table of contents on the left side.
LessonFound in the course content and contains the important information that you need to learn
Course HomepageThe main page of any course
Class ConnectCCA online live classroom where students are engaged in real-life authentic learning with their teacher. UTVA uses BBC for CCs.
Blackboard CollaborateBBCOne of the virtual classroom platforms we use. It is a virtual learning environment and learning management system developed by Blackboard Inc. Blackboard is a tool that allows faculty and students to have a live class online. Teachers can use PowerPoint, Captivate, video, audio, animation, and other applications for students to enhance teaching and learning efforts.
DropboxA tool used to submit assignments.
ZoomA online live classroom where students are engaged in real-life authentic learning with their teacher.
Class PlanA calendar with what to do when, and when assignments are due. The Plan links to the Content. Students can click on an assignment listed in the plan and go straight to the Content. When working on overdue assignments, use the class plan, not the overdue list.
Recordings ListA list of all of the class recordings for a particular class.
Exit TicketA quiz or survey about the live class. Used to ensure students are actively engaging in live classes.
English/Language ArtsELA
English Language LearnerELL
PowerSchoolPSA student information system that allows us to manage a wide range of information, including the following: grades, attendance, tests, demographics, activities, courses. At UTVA we manage attendance and student demographics records on PowerSchool and report it to the state.
1:1 One on One Meeting

If you have any questions after reading through this page, please scroll to the top of this page and
and sign up to meet with our Strong Start Coordinator.