Prospective Students

Welcome to Utah Virtual Academy!

Utah Virtual Academy, A College and Career Academy

UTVA is a charter school and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Utah State Board of Education. 

Mission Statement

Utah Virtual Academy students will attain superior academic achievement through parent involvement, innovative teaching and school accountability within a virtual environment that embraces individual learning styles.


Vision Statement

Our passionate commitment to individualized instruction leads us to reach all students at their own level, guiding each one to make real progress and to feel the joy of learning and achievement, both measured and intuitive.

Challenging Minds – Creating Opportunities – Leading Change

UTVA Expectations
UTVA provides a complete virtual educational experience for students. We offer a safe, open environment where your student knows they matter and can receive a quality education with certified teachers while in their home environment. We hold monthly outings for your student to meet and socialize with their peers and teachers. We pride ourselves on our caring staff and teachers ready to support your student’s academic success with individualized education plans.

UTVA is on an online public charter school with a set school schedule. The school year consists of 180 school days starting in August and ending in June. Students are required to log in and be in school unless indicated as a holiday or break by the school district. Please refer to our SCHOOL CALENDAR for approved holidays and breaks.

Our unique platform has specific expectations to ensure our students are committed and successful in fulfilling their school responsibilities.

Student Expectations

*If your enrollment is approved, you will need a computer and internet for your first day of school. If you qualify for and are expecting a school computer from K12 but have not yet received it by your first day of school, you will need to make arrangements to borrow a computer from a friend or family member or plan to use your local library to attend school.

  • Be on time
  • Come to class prepared and up to date on all required reading
  • Engage with teacher and other students
  • Be prepared with a working microphone
  • Be courteous and respectful to others

What are UTVA’s Daily Expectations?

  • Log in with student username and password
  • Attend and participate in Class Connects (CCs) at designated class times
  • Complete daily assignments and lessons
  • Communication with teachers/mentors via email, phone calls, texts read and respond to emails daily.
  • Learning Coach (LC) offers appropriate amount of support to student based on grade level (i.e. K-8 students require more support from LC’s

What to expect from UTVA instruction

  • Live classes scheduled in advance on your class connects.
  • K12 curriculum
  • All high school teachers will record their instruction. All recordings will be posted within 24 hours for students to view.

Student Actions to Ensure Success

  1. Follow the daily assignments in the announcements section of each course.
  2. On the first day of school, make sure you can access all your courses and send/receive email.
  3. Contact your Guidance Counselor to make sure you’re all set up and to schedule any necessary meetings.
  4. Log into your courses every day and spend 60 minutes in each class reading and completing the daily assigned coursework.
  5. Organize yourself each week by determining what you need to complete for each course and setting up a plan to complete the assignments by their deadlines. Use the course tools (announcements, calendar, grade book) to help set up your personal plan.
  6. Check your grade book tab in each course to make sure that you have been included. Contact your teacher if your name does not appear.
  7. Log into your email daily to read and respond to email from your teachers and other high school staff.
  8. Attend live sessions offered by your Course Teachers as often as you can to ask questions, discuss course topics, and reinforce online learning.
  9. Communicate regularly with your teachers and Guidance Counselor. Ask questions often!
  10. Work with your Learning Coach/parent at home – having a cheerleader or a support system at home helps when the going gets tough!
  11. Connect with other students through homeroom, clubs, outings, the online community center, and other activities. Build a support network!
Advanced Placement Options/Concurrent Enrollment/CTE

Advanced Placement Options:



Students may be placed in honors courses for English, Math, Science, and History with teacher consent and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Teachers will create a group in their course for the honors students and will add the extra honors assignments to the group. At the end of each block, the teacher will submit the roster of honors students to the high school principal and high school registrar. The registrar will then add the “honors” to the transcript.

Advanced Placement

Juniors and seniors with an index score of 100 or higher and have completed specific prerequisites are eligible for AP courses. AP courses must be written into student’s CCR Plan with the student’s counselor before courses can be assigned.

Sophomores may be considered by exception only. Sophomores and their parents will be required to meet with the principal, counselor, and subject teacher for approval.

Concurrent Enrollment

Utah Virtual Academy has partnered with Snow College, Salt Lake Community College and Dixie State.  For more detailed information about our Concurrent Enrollment Program, click HERE

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The CTE Program provides students with the instruction, experience, and services to prepare them for life beyond high school. UTVA has two clusters and six pathway options from which our students can choose.  For more detailed information about our CTE programs, click HERE

Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT)

UTVA students may participate in their local UCAT school: Bridgerland ATC, Ogden-Weber ATC, Davis ATC, Tooele ATC, Mountainland ATC, Uintah Basin ATC, Southwest ATC, or Dixie ATC.

Students may visit to find out more information regarding programs that are offered.

To be eligible to enroll, students must meet all requirements set by the ATC, be in good standing with UTVA, and meet with their counselor to update their CCR Plan.

Parent/Guardian Role

Parent/Guardian Actions to Help Ensure Student Success

At UTVA, students are required to have a Learning Coach to help ensure that students are succeeding in the virtual environment. Typically the student’s guardian fills this role.  Here is an overview of Learning Coach responsibilities:

  1. Attend an orientation session for a general overview of the high school program.
  2. Log into the Online High School with your student so that you can learn the systems together.
  3. Help your student organize and prepare for this virtual setting. Arrange a designated area where the student has space to work. Also make sure that the computer and scanner/printer/fax machine are all in good working order. Help your student create a personal calendar each week to ensure that he or she has a plan to complete those weekly assignments. Monitor the student’s organization plan each week until your student has his or her routine in working order and is experiencing academic success.
  4. Log into both the Parent and Student Account Daily to read/check emails.
  5. Log into the parent account to log student attendance each day. Don’t forget to include time spent off-line that entails academics such as reading a novel, visiting a museum, or watching a history documentary. (These are just a few examples)
  6. Stay in regular communication with your student’s Counselor.
  7. Take advantage of parent training’s, meetings, and informative sessions.
Learning Coaches Log attendance daily for:
  • Time attending CCs
  • Time working on lessons & assignments
  • Extracurricular activities after daily classes and assignments are completed

Checking Student Progress

There are tools within the Online High School System environment that allow parent/learning coaches and students to quickly check student’s work, determine missing assignments, view midterm and final deadlines and grades, and access cumulative reports. Directions for accessing the report information is provided in the “Online Learning Course” assigned to each student.

Family Directory

Building school community is important at UTVA. One of the tools available to families is the school directory. Families who choose to do so may have their directory information listed. The family directory is a searchable data base that helps connect UTVA families with others in their area. Please contact your guidance counselor for more information.

Complaint Response Procedure

Utah Virtual Academy is dedicated to establishing student and family satisfaction. The following procedure is in place to ensure that designated employees address student and family grievances in a timely manner. UTVA prohibits discrimination against students and families on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, or religion.

The student and parent(s), custodian(s) or legal guardian(s), must address in writing any concern or grievance to the principal. The principal shall respond within ten (10) working days.

If the concern or grievance is not resolved by the principal, the parent(s), custodian(s) or legal guardian(s) may, within ten (10) working days of the principal’s response, request in writing a meeting (via phone or in person) with the principal and Academic Director to discuss the concern or grievance. He/she shall investigate and respond within ten (10) working days.

If the family’s concern is not resolved at the meeting with the principal and Academic Director, the family may file a complaint with the UTVA governing body. The UTVA governing body may address the complaint directly, or the family may file a complaint with the State Board for Charter Schools.


Special Education Programs

Special Education

Special education services are available to students identified with a disability by a multi-disciplinary team. A multi-disciplinary team consists of teachers, the parent/guardian and oftentimes a school psychologist, therapist and the student. UTVA follows the requirements of IDEA 2004 and the laws of Utah. Documentation of the disability must be provided; such as medical records, prior educational records and/or a psychological evaluation. For new referrals UTVA uses Response to Intervention (RTI) school-wide as a first level support; to assist in the identification of educational needs; and to document the student is unable to learn with scientifically based interventions.

Students in need of adapted learning support services are those whose complex learning needs impact their academic achievement and their ability to make sufficient progress in the general education setting. Services offered may include: adaptations and modifications to the general education curriculum, specialized instructional strategies, and adjustments in pacing. The student’s home is the regular classroom. Services are provided by consultation with a highly qualified special education teacher via phone, e-mail and the ClassConnect online classroom.

What to expect:

● Every Special Education student will be assigned a special education teacher in addition to his or her regular Course Teachers. The Learning Coach/parent or guardian and student are expected to meet regularly with the Special Education Teacher in the ClassConnect online classroom and by conference call.

● The Special Education Teacher provides the Learning Coach/parent or guardian assistance to modify and adapt the learning environment as well as curriculum paths for success.

● The Special Education Teacher provides direct instruction to the student in the ClassConnect online classroom on a regular basis.

● The Special Education Teacher, the regular education teacher, and the Learning Coach/parent or guardian will meet together for a 3-way conference by phone or ClassConnect online session a minimum of once a semester.

● The Special Education Teacher is available as a resource for instructional strategies, adaptations and modifications to the curriculum.

● The Special Education Teacher will provide a progress report at the end of each semester, noting the progress on the student’s IEP goals.

● Special Education students are required to meet the same attendance policies as their peers. The home environment, one-on-one instruction, and flexible schedule create a learning environment which meets the student’s specific needs.

UTVA Response to Intervention (RtI)

UTVA uses Response to Intervention (RtI) school-wide as a first level support, to assist in the identification of educational needs, and to provide scientifically based interventions for struggling students.

Students in need of extra assistance are identified by placement tests, prior state test results, parent input and progress in the curriculum. Students may be identified at any time during the school year. Highly-qualified teams provide instructional and behavioral strategies. Interventions may include teaching and behavior modification strategies, and attendance in ClassConnect office hours.

If you believe your student has a learning problem, the first step is to request an RtI consultation with your student’s assigned Guidance Counselor. If you have further questions contact UTVA’s Child Find Specialist at 801-262-4922.

Related Services

Related services may include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and/or physical therapy when it is necessary for the student to make adequate progress in the general curriculum.

Related services, placement and goals are determined by the IEP team. Options for related services should be discussed with the special education staff before the family decides to enroll with UTVA. Related services are provided by independent contractors across the state of Utah. It is important to note that students are expected to keep appointments since missed appointments may result in the contractor refusing to provide services.

State Testing

High School end of year testing follows the Utah State assessment requirements.

All High School students are required to attend state testing during UTVA’s testing window. UTVA works to provide testing sites that are within 30 miles of a student’s residence. If a student is unable to attend testing during assigned times, they are required to work with the school to come to a makeup session (that may or may not be within 30 miles of a student’s residence).

Orientation Requirements
Strong Start: Once enrolled in our school you will be provided with a series of steps to help your student be successful at UTVA, These steps are simple, but required to be an active student.  It will walk the Learning Coach through account set up, required software for their computers, daily requirements, release forms, etc.  You must complete the Strong Start steps to remain enrolled at UTVA.

Learning Coach University: Each Learning Coach is required to complete the Learning Coach University training.  It is a collection of short videos designed to help you become comfortable with the online school. This required training will provide you with the tools and information needed to support your student(s) at UTVA to be successful!

*If your student’s enrollment is approved, you will need a computer and internet for your student’s first day of school.If you qualify for and are expecting a school computer from K12 but have not yet received it by your first day of school, you will need to make arrangements to borrow a computer from a friend or family member or plan to use your local library to attend school.