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Jennifer Collier

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Amber Horrocks

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Amber Jardine

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Natalie Niederhauser

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Graduation Requirements

Students in grades 9-12 shall earn a minimum of 24 credits

Grades 9-12 Core Curriculum credits from courses approved by the Board, as specified:

 English/Language Arts (4 Credits)

 Mathematics (3 Credits):

o Successful completion of Secondary Mathematics I, II, and III or higher.

o Parents may request that students replace Secondary III with a course from the Applied or Advanced approved course list.

o Students who successfully complete Calculus have met graduation requirements regardless of the number of credits they have taken.

 Science (3 Credits):

o 2 Credits (from the four science foundation areas; Earth Systems, Biological

Science, Chemistry, AP Computer Science, or Physics).

o 1 Credit (from the foundation courses or the applied or advanced science core


 Social Studies (3 Credits):

o 1 Credit (U.S. History)

o 0.5 Credit (Geography)

o 0.5 Credit (Civilization)

o 0.5 Credit (U.S. Government and Citizenship)

o 0.5 Credit (Elective)

 Directed Coursework (3.5 Credits):

o 1.5 Credit (Fine Arts)

o 1 Credit (CTE)

o 0.5 Credit (Computer Technology)

o 0.5 General Financial Literacy

 Physical Education Health (2 Credits):

o 0.5 Credit (Health)

o 0.5 Credit (Participation Skills)

o 0.5 Credit (Fitness for Life)

o 0.5 Credit (Individualized Lifetime Activities)

o Optional: 0.5 Credit Maximum (Team Sport/Athletic Participation*)

* Can be used in place of Participation Skills or Individualized Lifetime Activities


 Required Electives (5.5 Credits)

 Total Credit Hours (24)


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