Having Trouble Logging Enough Attendance?

Heres Some Tips & Tricks

  • Sports Team practice- log the time spent as PE
  • Crafts/ Sewing/ Building (blocks or legos) – log the time under Art
  • Puzzles- counts towards math time.
  • Counting money, telling time, any card games that involve logical thinking- count towards math time.
  • Memory games- counts toward math.
  • Flashcards with math facts- count towards math.
  • Sight words on flash cards- count toward language skills time.
  • Educational television programs- log the time spent under the closest topic choice
  • cooking with a recipe- count towards reading, math and possibly science (if it explodes J)
  • Shopping while doing price comparisons- log the time spent under math.
  • Recreational reading- log the time under literature
  • Attending a music concert- log the time spent under music
  • Instrument/Vocal lessons- count toward music time
  • Walking or bicycle ride, jumping on a trampoline, swimming, any physical activity- counts towards PE
  • gardening- log the time spent under science
  • explore related games online that pertain to the subject being taught. Google the subject with the “games” or “educational games” and log the time into that subject
  • Log time for keeping a journal or diary, corresponding (letter writing), or creative writing- log this under literature skills
  • Online educational games (not computer gaming or video games).
  • watching Ted talks.
  • Researching topics of interest on the internet or in books.

The Learning Coach can log extracurricular activities in the course he/she feels the activity best fits

. If you are unable to log attendance because you are just starting and the attendance window is void of courses, keep track of your time on paper and add attendance as soon as courses are available.

Q. What do I do if my computer has not arrived and I do not have a working computer at home?

A.  Utah State Attendance Law states children in Utah must attend school daily.  At UTVA, this means logging into the Online School every day to show you are walking through the front doors of the school building.  Attending class connects and completing assignments show you are actively engaged in school. The Online School is accessible on any computer. If you do not have a personal computer at home and are waiting for your computer to arrive, you are still responsible to attend school.  Libraries, relatives, or family friends are all very good computer resources until your school computer arrives.  Please check your computer eligibility from the Learning Coach account>My Info> student’s name> Hardware tab.